Family Law

Family Law encompasses many areas of law. Brock Law, LLC has the knowledge, skill, and compassion to assist during this emotional time. Our focus is to guide each client in an effort to lessen any unnecessary stress or confusion..

The areas of Family Law:

  • Divorce: We assist with contested (each party is in agreement) and uncontested divorce (each party is not in agreement). This generally includes child custody, division of property, alimony and child support.
  • Child Custody Modification and Visitation: Once a Final Order is entered, certain portions can be modified based on the best interest of the child. We assist with court orders that need to be reviewed based on a change in income or circumstances.
  • Legitimation: Legitimation is a legal action to gain rights to a child born out of wedlock. This process establishes a relationship between the father and minor child for visitation and inheritance purposes.
  • Child Support: We use Georgia Law to ensure that the child receives the best financial support available. Child support is computed using the income of both parents in the best interest of the child. Some adjusting factors for Child Support are:
    • Parenting Time- is based on the amount of time each child spends with the child.
    • Travel Expenses- the amount necessary for child visitation. This applies when a parent lives a considerable distance from the child.
    • Extraordinary Expenses-refers to expenses that are considerably higher than what is considered average. These expenses include medical, insurance,  extracurricular activities, summer camp, day care or education
  • Adult Adoption: We assist with the adoption of adults. Upon written consent, the adult can be adopted establishing a legal relationship.
  • Other family law: We also offer services for those who choose to represent themselves. We will prepare the following documents:
    • Child Support Worksheets
    • DRFA (Domestic Relations Financial Affidavit)
    • Petitions (Divorce, Child Support, Child Custody Modification and Visitation, etc)